We can supply from stock, source or manufacture a vast range of products and equipment for safe lifting and safe working at height.

Safety At Height Equipment

Shaw Lifting provide a wide range of safety at height equipment including: harnesses, lanyards, fall arrest/retrieval blocks, belts and tripods.


Full body safety harnesses are designed to spread the forces from a fall around the pelvis, upper thighs, shoulders and chest. Harnesses are normally manufactured from durable webbing to provide the best safety and durability and withstand the toughest working environments. Most harnesses Shaw Lifting offer are adjustable to suit each user and are fitted with a dorsal attachment at the back to connect to anchor/attachment points easily. We supply the basic multi-purpose models to top end fully adjustable work positioning harnesses, complete with full lining and padding.

Self Retracting Lifelines

Self retracting lifelines (SRL’s) are used in Industry where work on scaffolding, pylons, lifts and maintenance work is carried out and a greater need of freedom of movement is required. SRLs are designed to be easy to use, resilient and reliable – minimising the risk of jamming through prolonged use. They are also commonly known as ‘inertia reels’ as they work the same way as seatbelts as the cable ‘locks’ if pulled out too quickly, ‘arresting’ the fall.

SRLs can be supplied with cable from 1.65 Metre and 60.0 Metre and integrated rescue winch system.

Shaw Lifting also supply a full range of connectors such as screw-gate and twistlock carabiners, quicklinks and scaffold hooks. 


Lanyards are used to connect between the safety harness and anchorage point and are three different categories of shock absorbing, restraint and work positioning. Lanyards are normally manufactured from synthetic rope or flat webbing material and to various lengths to give the required freedom for the user to move freely around the workspace.

Shock Absorbing Lanyards

Shock Absorbing Lanyards should be used where there is a risk of the user falling. The built in Shock Absorbing System is designed to absorb the impact from the tightening force of the Lanyard during a fall.

Restraint Lanyards

Restraint Lanyards should only be used to limit the user’s ability to manoeuvre to danger areas where there is a risk from a fall, such as the roof edge.

Work Positioning Lanyards

Work Positioning Lanyards are used along with a Safety Belt and Harness to the user can carry out working ‘hands-free’.

Safety At Height Equipment

Safety At Height Equipment

We stock and supply a large range of lifting and restraint equipment.

All lifting equipment is supplied with full certification and is CE marked where appropriate.

Chain, wire and webbing slings are manufactured to the customer's requirements. We also stock a large range of hire equipment ready for use.

Please contact us for advice and detailed specification to match your requirements.

Safety At Height Equipment

Below is a selection of some of the Safety At Height Equipment we can supply for use. Contact us for more.

Full Body Safety HarnessFull Body Safety HarnessHarness Positioning Lanyard Rope Restraint LanyardSelf Retracting Lifeline Shock Absorbing Lanyard
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