We can supply from stock, source or manufacture a vast range of products and equipment for safe lifting and safe working at height.

Rigging Screws & Turnbuckles

Commonly used during lifting applications that require tension, rigging screws and turnbuckles have both left and right handed threading ends and by rotating the body, you can easily create your required amount of tension. They are designed to tension and hold in place a wire line, rope or other similar piece of equipment. A turnbuckle can be adjusted while under a load in order to pull two items together to loosen/tension. They can also be used to remove slack from a system if there is stretching or movement. We supply various types of turnbuckles and rigging screws, all of which are certified for both pulling and lifting applications.

Rigging Screws & Turnbuckles

Rigging Screws & Turnbuckles

We stock and supply a large range of lifting and restraint equipment.

All lifting equipment is supplied with full certification and is CE marked where appropriate.

Chain, wire and webbing slings are manufactured to the customer's requirements. We also stock a large range of hire equipment ready for use.

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Rigging Screws & Turnbuckles

Below is a selection of some of the Rigging Screws & Turnbuckles we can supply for use. Contact us for more.

Turnbuckle Screw - Types

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