We can supply from stock, source or manufacture a vast range of products and equipment for safe lifting and safe working at height.

Load Measuring Equipment

Shaw Lifting supply and hire a wide range of load measuring equipment including digital load cells , compression cells and load shackles.

Load Cells can be supplied from a maximum capacity of 250kg to 100.0+ Tonne. They fit between the lifting device and the load via shackles and can be either cable to the hand-held digital readout or telemetry (by radio signal).

Compression cells are designed to have a low height to fit easily under the load and can be used in conjunction with a number of cells at each corner of the load and measure the centre of gravity, when connected to a PC.

Load shackles are used in lifting applications in order to make a connection between the load that is being lifted and the load lifting device itself (hoist/hook/sling etc.) We stock and supply a large range of different shackles, including screw pin, dee, safety bow, galvanized and blue, yellow, red and green pin. Whatever your requirements, our shackles can accommodate weights from 0.5 to 150+ tonnes. All shackles come supplied with all relevant certification as standard.

Load Measuring Equipment

Load Measuring Equipment

We stock and supply a large range of lifting and restraint equipment.

All lifting equipment is supplied with full certification and is CE marked where appropriate.

Chain, wire and webbing slings are manufactured to the customer's requirements. We also stock a large range of hire equipment ready for use.

Please contact us for advice and detailed specification to match your requirements.

Load Measuring Equipment

Below is a selection of some of the Load Measuring Equipment we can supply for use. Contact us for more.

cable loaded linktelemetry loaded linkcompression cell compression cell - low profileload shackle 

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