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Our case studies will give you an idea of the vast range of the inspection, testing and lifting projects we have carried out for the offshore, oil and gas, mining, construction, engineering and many other sectors. If you would like to know more about how we could help you, please contact us on tel. 01642 455 920 or by email.

Umbilical Winch - Tested to Destruction


In May, 2015 Shaw Lifting’s client were required to test the integrity and breaking strength of their Umbilical Wires. The Umbilical Wire is used to operate the remotely operated vehicles and equipment on the seabed from control units on vessels and used in conjunction with the launch and recovery systems of the vessel.

The Umbilical Wire is made up of various strands, including a wire outer strand (armour) and various electric cabling and fibre optics internally.

Shaw Lifting were given a number of samples of the wire in approximately 2.0 Metre lengths to be tested to destruction to ensure the wire breaks at the manufacturer’s nominal breaking load. As the wire had to fit into a hydraulic test bed for test, Shaw Lifting fitted a closed spelter socket each end by Wirelock ® Resin. This meant each wire had to be carefully untwined from the cable and spread out within the centre of the socket, where the Wirelok resin was poured in and left to set.

Once this was done, the wire was sent off to an independent test facility and tested to destruction on a calibrated 200.00 Tonne capacity test machine, where the breaking load was taken upon test.

Shaw Lifting are registered under ISO 9001 to carry out socketing by Wirelock ® as part of their remit meaning that the correct socketing and testing of the wire, resulted in that the wire broke as it should and reached a breaking load of 1.4% above the manufacturers original given value.


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