Case Studies

Our case studies will give you an idea of the vast range of the inspection, testing and lifting projects we have carried out for the offshore, oil and gas, mining, construction, engineering and many other sectors. If you would like to know more about how we could help you, please contact us on tel. 01642 455 920 or by email.

Module Weighing


Shaw Lifting were recently required to carry out the weighing and CofG calculations of a module for a container manufacturer based in Hull. The module was newly fabricated from stainless steel and estimated to weigh fifteen tonnes.

Hydraulic Rams in situ to jack the Module

Shaw Lifting’s test engineers arrived on-site equipped with four compression cells, stands and hydraulic rams and a hydraulic pump. The module was first lifted by overhead cranes via chainslings and lowered onto stands placed at each corner of the module.

Once the module was lowered onto the stands, the module was checked for any twisting or deformation and was sitting level on all stands. Once the engineers were happy with this, the next task was to jack the module to give enough room for the compression cells. This was done by using the hydraulic rams on chocks to gain enough height to insert the compression cells. Each compression cell has its own digital hand-held display which indicates the tonnage on the cell.

All four rams were placed next to each stand and connected to the hydraulic pump via a four-way manifold.

This meant each ram could be controlled independently to the correct height. The compression cells were placed at each stand and then the module was lowered onto them.

All four figures were taken from the readout displays of the compression cells and the total weight and CofG calculated and appropriate weight verification and CofG certification was issued to the customer


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