Case Studies

Our case studies will give you an idea of the vast range of the inspection, testing and lifting projects we have carried out for the offshore, oil and gas, mining, construction, engineering and many other sectors. If you would like to know more about how we could help you, please contact us on tel. 01642 455 920 or by email.

Padeye Testing - Masfab


Shaw Lifting carried out proof load testing of all steel fabricated pad eyes, welded onto each end of a fabricated lifting beam. This was done at the customer’s site in County Durham.

Padeye Testing - Masfab

Proof load testing is done by loading the bearing points with a force greater than the safe working load (SWL), by a percentage dependant on the type of lifting equipment and various standards. The proof load test is to ensure the integrity of the welds and load bearing point and should be carried out prior to the lifting equipment’s first use or if any modification has been carried out.

Shaw Lifting’s engineers carried out the proof load testing of the lifting eyes by fabricating metal plates, which sat behind the lifting eye against the end of the beam, which gave a platform to hold the hydraulic rams used to exert the force for the test. A metal bar was then inserted through the lifting eye, which was braced against two rams, placed either side of the eye. Once all the equipment was in place. The rams were pressured, using an electric hydraulic pump, fitted with a calibrated pressure gauge. Each lifting eye was rated at 70.0 tonne SWL and required a 50% proof load of 105.0 tonne.

A calculation was carried out to determine what tonnage was exterted by the rams by the pressure showing on the gauge. Once the correct pressure was reached, the hydraulic system was held at pressure for five minutes whilst the welds and eyes were checked for any faults. The test was repeated for the second eye at the other end of the beam. Once the test was complete, LOLER test certificates were issued to the customer.


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