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Our case studies will give you an idea of the vast range of the inspection, testing and lifting projects we have carried out for the offshore, oil and gas, mining, construction, engineering and many other sectors. If you would like to know more about how we could help you, please contact us on tel. 01642 455 920 or by email.

Greater Gabbard Wind Farm


In 2011, Deepocean embarked on a project to install pile foundations for the multi-million pound Greater Gabbard Wind Farm off the Suffolk Coast.

An ‘A’ Frame attached to the Vessel 'A' Frame 'A' Frame Sheave on 'A' Frame 'A' Frame attached to Vessel in Fully Outboard position 200.0 Tonne SWL Winch

In 2011, Shaw Lifting's client embarked on a project to install Pile Foundations for the multi-million pound Greater Gabbard Wind Farm off the Suffolk Coast.

The Vessel commissioned for this work had the capability of operating a 60.0 Tonne Safe Working Load (SWL) Hydraulic ‘A’ Frame bolted to the rear which was used to unload the base of the units onto the seabed for installation.

Shaw Lifting were commissioned to carry out the Load Testing of the ‘A’ Frame. The operation of the test had to adhere to the client’s specifications and comply with various Offshore Shipping, Lifting Operation and DNV regulations. The Test was witnessed by the customer's superiors, and their ultimate clients - Fluor and BP and DNV Surveyors.

Shaw Lifting, using their expertise and knowledge in this area devised the method of Testing, which would meet the criteria expected and test the Frame to its capability and full functionality, ensuring its safe use whilst operating at sea.

Shaw Lifting organised delivery of 70.0 Tonne of test weights to site including hire of Spreader Beams, Load Cells and Slings.

Once all the equipment was in place the first test was to carry out testing of the Telescopic Legs (or ‘Telelegs’) of the Frame.

The Second Test was to Test the Lowering Sheave of the Frame. This was done again in three stages with the greater test weight applied at each interval. The load was held for a minimum of five minutes to ensure no creepage or faults with the system were detected.

A ‘Dynamic’ and ‘Static’ test had to be carried out, which would test the raising and lowering of the Frame. Each test was to split into two parts;

The first part of the Static test was to lift the load on the winch then a Dynamic test carried out. The second part of the Static Test was to hold the weight in position for five minutes. The final part of the Dynamic test was to raise the frame back into the inboard position, covering the full function of the frame. The final test was loaded with an overload (or Proof Load) of 66.85 Tonne.

The Final test would test the Seafastenings of the Winch used in conjunction with the ‘A’ Frame. The Winch had a SWL of 200.0 Tonne, comprised of Hydraulic Drum Winch and Spooler. The Winch, operating as the Main Winch for the ‘A’ Frame and associated Seafastenings were both rated at 130.0 Tonne SWL. The Seafastenings are a system of Chains and fittings which attach to the Winch, tightened by Turnbuckles and Deck of the Vessel hold the Winch in place and had to be tested along with winch.

Once the tests were complete and the Client was happy with the results, the Seafastenings were thoroughly inspected by Shaw Lifting and MPI testing was carried out.


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